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released February 10, 2009

INO Records / Columbia Records

Phil Joel - background vocals
Anthony Porcheddu - keys
Chris Carmichael - string arrangements and performances
Jim Cooper - piano, background vocals
Nathan Dantzler - digital editing, programming, piano, percussion, keys, background vocals, additional guitars


all rights reserved



VOTA Lincoln

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Track Name: Hard to Believe
(Turn my world around)

Thought that I could hide
Oh how I've wasted time
I've spent my life running from you
I just can't say no
Your love won't let me go
My shields are defenseless against you

Lost in the dark
'Till your love dawned in my heart
Filled all the hollow
And you freed my pent-up soul

It's so hard to believe
You're here with me now
Make me feel so alive
I've got to let it out
You're bringing me out
Filled my heart with your love
And turned my world around

I've been here and there
Oh I've looked everywhere
But nothing can compare to you
You know my heart
I want to be where you are
I'm hopeless without you
How'd you teach this heart to love

Oh, you don't need love
You've got yourself
And that's good enough
The fool lives life
For no one else
The slave to love
Finds real freedom, yeah
Track Name: Be Mine
Here ye, here ye, your attention please
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
I hereby declare I'm on my knees
I'm crazy in love
Crazy in love with you

How did I survive before
Tou took over my heart
Nothing in life I want more
To be in your arms

These four words I've got to say to you
Please hear me now

Be mine for life...
Track Name: Love's Taken Over
I found a better life in your arms
And now I'm movin' on with
A brand new start
Nothing can stop what's started
In my heart
Oh I'm glad your love came my way, yeah

I never want to be alone again
Here's my declaration of dependence
Without your love I ain't got a chance
Yeah your love is life to me

Love's taken over
(I found a better life in your arms)
Your love's taken over
(I'm movin' on with a brand new start)
Love's taken over
(Nothing can stop what's started in my heart)
Love's taken over
(I found a better life in your arms)

I movin' on gonna scale these walls
I'm pressin' on now with a full assault
Nothin' can stop what's stirrin' in my heart
I've got a fever for life again
Track Name: Honestly
Honestly, can I tell you where I'm at
Honestly, can I pull the curtain back
Will you run if you see how weak I am

If you don't see the real me
You won't see what mercy's done
If you don't see my weakness
You won't see what love has won
If you don't see the distance from the darkness to the sun
You won't see

Honestly, I'm growing sick and tired
Honestly, it hurts too much to hide
Brokeness that's killing us inside

Let the light escape
From these holes inside my soul
When I start to break
Then grace begins to flow
Let the light escape
From this wounded place inside my soul

If you don't see the real me
You won't see what grace has done
If you don't see my weakness
You won't see what love has one
If you don't see the distance from the darkness to the sun
You won't see
Track Name: Not Finished
This ain't how it was supposed to be
Another dark cloud fallin' down over me
How could you just leave me scared here out on my own
Lord please don't fail me now
I've got nowhere left to go

When the world's crashing down
And time and luck have all run out
Well come what may
You're still gonna hear me say

I'm not finished with you...
Not even close

You think you got me where you want me to be
Here with my hands tied petrified, can hardly breathe
(Well hear me) You got the battle but I'm winnin' the war
Yeah you can knock me flat out
But I'll get up I'll never stay down
Track Name: I'll Go
This is where my ego ends
This is where freedom begins
Here's where I jump
In your arms

I'm done with livin' alone
I'm done with missin' the boat
I've had enough
Where I end's where you start

Why is it so hard to learn to let go
I surrender my life
All I have is yours

I'll go wherever you go
Give you my heart and my soul
Nothing can take me away
Now and forever I'm yours
My life was nothin' before
Your love has taken me home
I know I'll never look back
Now and forever I'm yours

Oh no one knows me like you
Yeah no one cares like you do
There's no one else, who loves me like You do

So why should I be afraid
To give my whole life away
Not going back
Not going back to ok

When the world is in my hands
And I go on my own again
I know you're still with me
When I feel your love is gone
No strength to carry on
I know you'll never leave me
Track Name: Give it to Me
Give it to me, give me a sign
Give me something real I can't deny
Feelin' asleep, buried alive
Give me something real, bring me to life

Just can't seem to find it on the left
Just can't seem to find it on the right side
I'm just left right here now in the middle feeling a need

I ain't gonna set for somethin' less
I'm done with collectin' days of regret
If you've got to give or take away, come bring it on me

This is the end of me...
Track Name: Free to Fail
What if the end is just the beginning
What if the stars were meant to be reached
What if your heart was made to be broken
You've nothing to give, that's all that you need

You are the one who's breaking my heart all over again
Nothing I do or say can change your mind
You are the one who's given me more than I could repay
You lived your life so I could live mine

My heart has done all my hands never dare to
Fooling my mind to believe we were free
Love came in like a whisper screaming
"Your guilt and your shame were meant for me!"

We are free to fail...

You are the one who's taken my heart all over again
You are the one who's given me life
You are the one who's given me more than I could repay
You lived your life so I could live mine

We are free to fail now
We're starting over
Track Name: Save Ourselves
We once were un-separate-able
We were in love
In our eyes, we were invincible
Then push came to shove
Oh I say, when will we say enough

We cannot save ourselves
This love has gone farewell
It's so hard to face it
But when will we say enough

Oh we cannot change it now
Past love is in the ground
It's so hard to face it
But when will we say enough

Well it's not like, like it used to be
We both have changed
See these moments
Well they don't feel the same
We're both to blame
I'll ask you, oh I say
When will we say enough

Oh I see them now
Those memories surround
Our hearts forever bound
No one could break our vow
Then the rain came pouring down and now
When will we say enough

We cannot save ourselves...
Track Name: Bye Bye
This is so hard for me
I don't no where to begin
I need to be set free
No, I just can't let you in
To hurt you or make you angry
You know I'd never do
But what you deserve is my whole heart
I can't give that to you

Please tell me how much is it going to take
To bring the peace, to soothe the pain
If we trust the heart, oh will it find it's way to wisdom
Or just a fool's mistake

Bye, bye
My heart's gone off on it's own
From love that always slips away
What brings a change of heart
Is my heart really mine
Does it beat just to take me over
Can it be satisfied

My heart is first to love
And first to throw love away
My mind tries to explain
To make some sense of heart's ways
My mind poses will the question
Can heart be blamed or tamed
Heart grins and says, "Come bring it on, you'll never make me change"

Come take my heart, come take my soul
Come give me peace, give me love, give me hope
Come fill my heart, come fill my soul
Come bring me peace, give me life, make me whole

No more heartbreak...
Track Name: In My Heart
I've got no song to sing
But the one you've given me
You're words lead me to peace
They echo through my soul
If I listen, I hear you singing
"You're not alone
You're not alone
I'm here, I'll never let you go"

In my heart
I hear you sing
A sweet melody
Your promise to me
Near or far, I'm where you are
I know you'll never let me go
Never let me go

Oh, if they only knew
Who I really am
They wouldn't take the truth
They'd never understand
Sometimes people are there for you
Until you fall, then they're gone
But you're still with me through it all

Your song, it is singing
Oh I hear it ringing
Oh lord I hear you say
It will be ok
I love you, I need you
I long to be with you
Oh come take me away
Take me away

In my heart
I hear you sing
A sweet melody
Your promise to me
Near or far I'm where you are
I know you'll never let my heart go
And I will sing your praise forevermore
Track Name: Everyday is the First Day
All your words were life to me
You made me feel, you made me believe
Now everything has changed so suddenly
All my dreams have come to an end
No more strength to start over again
Nothing left of memories of when

Here I am
All alone without you

I am hurting
I can't breathe, help me
Forever gone, you went away
Everyday is the first day

Hope like a flower is starting to wilt
My heart, now a hole that cannot be filled
The world moves on but I am standing still
Try so hard to figure it out
The meaning of life I'm starting to doubt
I'm left wanting and guessing
It's wearing me down

I just can't go on without your love
I'm holding on to yesterday, it's not enough
Want you to hold me in your arms
Hold me in your arms again
Track Name: Our Time Now
Who's hands pave the road to peace with war
Who's ears leave hurting cries ignored
Who's eyes will judge by what they see
Who's heart cares for its own need

A change is what we need
And change begins with me

It's our time now
What are we waiting for
It's our time now
It's our time to stand up
I don't want to waste my life
Help me live it in love
It's our time now
Our time now

My heart can forgive the darkest deed
My hands can meet the greatest need
My mouth can lift the spirit high
My eyes can see beauty inside