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Originally released as Casting Pearls.


released August 16, 2005

Big Box Records / Inpop Records / EMI CMG

Bryan Olesen - guitars, vocals, bgvs
Case Maranville - bass
Scott Rutz - drums, aux, percussion

Jason Burkum - additional guitar
Nathan Dantzler - programming
Phil Joel - additional background vocals

Produced by Jason Burkum and Nathan Dantzler
Tracking engineering by Nathan Dantzler at West Main Studio, Franklin, TN
Assisted by Mac Hatton
Mixed by Nathan Dantzler at West Main Studio, Franklin, TN
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Design by David Jané and Scott Rutz


all rights reserved



VOTA Lincoln

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Track Name: Weighted
This I know, there's a higher place we can go
So much more to this life than what you live for
I do believe (I do believe)
There is a love that sets you free
From all your pain (from all your pain)
So you can fly again

Love's waited here for far too long
Real soon I fear love's moving on

So here we go, on your mark, get set, let's go
Seize the day, make a change from the life I've known

I need Your love (I need Your love)
To make me whole, to set me free
From all these chains (from all these chains)
So I can fly again

I've waited here for far too long
I'm breaking free
I'm moving on

To the hope that's waiting for me
To the life I'm meant to be living
To the love You died to give me

You can't find me this kind of love here
You can't buy me this love anywhere
You can't hide from this kind of love, yeah
This love comes looking for you

I've been weighted here for far too long
Been holding on
To what You saved me from

I've waited here for far too long
And I'm breaking free, I'm moving on
Yesterday's a million miles away
Track Name: Wastin' Time
Let's take a ride through the country side
Cool breeze, electric pale blue skies
I've been given' keys to this paradise
I'm livin' large, it's a good, good life

Here we are just wastin' time
I can not do one thing to save my life
I must be out of my head
Must be out of my head tonight wastin' time

Let's build a tower up to the sky
So close but yet so far behind
Can't see where you're goin' when you're walkin' blind
You're livin' lies man, just open your eyes

Here we are just wastin' time
You can not do one thing to save your life
You must be out of your head
Must be out of your head tonight wastin' time

Here and now's where I want to be
I know there's something right with me
I'm an individual with liberty
This is the life someone died to give me

Here we are still wastin' time
I can not do one thing to save my life
I must be out of my head
Must be out of my head tonight wastin' time
Track Name: Alright
Hey weatherman, I don't understand
I think you said clearly
Clear skies was the forecast today (but where did they go?)
Well I'm lookin' west, I see cloudy skies at best
And to the east storm clouds are headed this way (look out here they come)

What good does it do me to worry about tomorrow
When It's all in Your hands
So where You lead me I'll follow

Everything is gonna be just fine
You know that nothing can stop me now
Rains fallin' from the sky
But my day is shining bright
This love has gone and turned my world upside down
And it's gonna be alright

You're givin' up, down in the dumps
This life's so rough, too tough
Had enough all before you get out of bed (get out of your bed)
Lift up your head my dear friend
This tunnel does have an end
I think I see light ahead (I see light ahead)

You're wastin' your time
No need to worry about tomorrow
It's all in His hands, He will lead will you follow

Why won't you just let it go?
Stop trying to make it on your own
Yeah, you've got something to live for
This is the love that put stars in the heavens
This is the love that makes life worth livin'
Track Name: Whole World in His Hands
When all around is fading
Nothing seems to last
When this day is filled with sorrow
Still I know with all my heart

He's got the whole world in His hands
He's got the whole world in His hands
I fear no evil, for You are with me
Strong to deliver, mighty to save
He's got the whole world in His hands

When I walk through fire
I will not be burned
When the waves come crashing 'round me
Still I know with all my heart

(Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow)
Track Name: All About Love
Excuse me mister, got a little story that I'd like to share
Hey little sister, you're so lonely
Oh if only you could hear me yeah
I found a love that's never gonna let you down (go)

It's been a long, been a long, long time since someone's shown love for me
Been a long, been a long, long time since someone's shown love for me

It's all about love and I want you to know
Sweet words of love, can you hear them, baby?
Nothing compares
This love will never let you go away

So tell me brother, lost your lover to another
And you can't seem to bear the thought
Oh how you've fought for a reason to live
Days of joy are few and far between

Sweet words of love...
Nothing compares
This love will never let you go
Track Name: Focus
How suddenly we move from life to death
In a moment move from full to nothing left
Unshakeable faith, how quickly turns to fear
Went from holding you close to wishing You were here

What I cannot do is give it all to You
It's taking over me
Will this sorrow ever leave?

No one but You can understand what I'm feeling inside
Right now I can barely breathe
Let me know You're here tonight

Lately I've been letting go of hope
Caught between life and love, what I want, and what I know
Give this broken heart a reason why
And fill it with the strength to say goodbye
'Cause it's so hard to do, to give this all to You
Pour down on me like rain and fill this hollow heart again

No one but You can understand what I'm feeling tonight
Lord, right now I can barely see through the tears that fall from my eyes
It's so hard to see You, please come into focus
I don't even know if I can find the strength to make it one more day

So pour down on me like rain and fill this hollow heart again

No one but You can understand what I'm feeling tonight
So here I come running back to the arms
You've left open wide
Just when I need You
You come into focus
You let me see Your face
Know You're here in this place and kiss these tears away
Track Name: Revolution
Stand up, please state your name
Is there something you'd like to say?
Speak up man, you've got the floor
Tell me what you believe
What is your everything?
What do you live and die for?

You're livin' life satisfied with second best
Livin' life through the dreams of someone else
Did you forget who you are?

Get on up right now
You've got to get on up
And scream and shout it out loud
It's time to show the world who we are
Let's live the life we're meant to live
Let's start a revolution

Stand up, please plead your case
I must say that I am amazed
To hear the words that you say
Well hey man, it's not too late
Here comes a brand new day
Don't let this one get away

You're livin' life with the weight of yesterday
Just let it go today's the only day
The only day you can change

You know it's not too late
To get on up, don't be afraid
To show that world who you are
Go live the life you're meant to live
Go start a revolution
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
Hold on to my hand, don't be afraid
I want to take you to a special place
Put a big smile on your face
All pain has been erased for good

You lie there helpless, you can't go on
I'll get you through this
Let my words be your song
Your strength to carry on
'Cause yesterday is gone
Today you're free

Close your eyes, fall asleep
I am here with you and I'll never leave
Close your eyes, fall asleep
And I'll carry, carry, carry you
I won't let you go

So let's move mountains of any size
Soar to the heavens and leave this world behind
For I have heard your cry
All I have is yours, all you had is mine
I'll never let you go
Forever hold you close
There's nowhere you can go to escape from me, my love
So fix your gaze above
You're in the shadow of my love
Track Name: Love's Done Something
Life was a roller coaster ride
Pushin' me up, down, side to side
I could barely hold on, spinnin' out of control

I was lost, lost like a ship in the deep blue sea
Like an angel of light You came to rescue me
You must have found something special in me

Your love's done something to me
Changed my life completely
You're everything, the one and only thing that I need
Everyday I'm walking on sunshine
I am Yours and You're mine
Tonight I feel like I'm on top of the world

As I soar through the starry sky, across the galaxy
On the wings of Your love forever carrying me
I've only begun, there's so much more to see
So lock me up, lock me up, throw away the key
I'm a prisoner of love but I never felt so free
You've given me more than I ever dreamed

I've always felt there had to be something more
Worth livin' and dying for
Now I know that something is You
This is how life was meant to be
Just having You here with me,
With You, just You together forevermore
Track Name: You Alone
I've come to Your throne here so cold and alone
I'm calling on Your name
I lift my hands to the sky, open wide and I cry
Lord take me away

Take this heavy heart
This weary soul and set them free
Remove myself 'till there's nothing left but
You alone in me

I'm letting go of all that I know
I'm holding on to You alone
I lay it all down, down here at Your feet
I want You alone, You alone
(Lord, You alone)

If I go to the heavens above
Lord, I know You are there
If I make my bed in the depths
Lord, I know You are there
If I rise on the wings of the dawn
Or settle on the far side of the sea
Even still, Lord, I know You will
You will always be there with me