Love Found Me


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The heavens declare Your glory The skies show what Your hands have made Without words they're telling a story And no one can hide from what they say Day by day, night by night They tell the world who You are You are the God of the universe The stars in the sky are Your fireworks Jesus, shine Your light in my life Let Your glory shine God of the universe I do not understand it This is far too great for me That all this beauty and wonder Is nothing compared to Your love for me With all my love, with all my heart I'll tell the world who You are
Lift Me Up 03:14
I've been here before I can't take no more Living for myself It's a living hell I am on my knees Sick and tired of me Come and take away All of my mistakes Take my heart, Lord Come and rescue me I know I, wanna love You more (More) than I ever have before I need You now Will You lift me up I know this for sure You will not let go Even when I hide You're still by my side You right all my wrongs Your love is my song It goes on and on... forever Lift me up Lift me up to the sky I need You, oh I need You
She's a normal girl Who changed somebody's world She shows everyone just a little love And that’s how I want to be Gonna start over and learn to dream 'Cause there's something big in the little things I was blind, now I see I'm learning to dream I see my little boy Got an unstoppable joy He sees everything like it's supposed to be Watching him is changing me I want to live my dream The world’s gonna see love shine through me
I knew something was missing I knew something was just not right I couldn't call life normal when death just made a joke of life Nowhere to go No one to turn to You came and saved me You are my rescue Love found me Your love found me And I'm forever changed Nothing is the same Your love found me Scared that I could lose You Afraid that I might let You go I’m a fool to think that my hands Could ever really hold You at all Your love is strong, never lets go I’m in Your hands Jesus, You’re my hero How beautiful Your love for me How wonderful the mystery That on the cross You took my place Now I am Yours We're sons and daughters, yes we are Sons and daughters, yes we are Sons and daughters of the living God
Blame Me 02:48
You point your fingers At the left and the right Got all the answers You know what’s black and what’s white Always the victim No you're never part of the fault, no So listen mister Why are you standing so tall? So put your boots on Climb down from your wall 'Cause we're to blame for everything that's broken in this world Blame me If you're looking for someone to blame But I'm not the only one 'Till you see that we are all the same You can go ahead and blame me I heard her talking I was like a fly on the wall If words were arrows So many people would fall Say something nice or don't say nothing at all I had to stop looking around Running to tear my brother down I left my own mark on this town
You Alone 03:17
Crying Out 02:54
Come to Me 03:57
Come all you thirsty I’ll give you water to drink Come all you weary I’ll give you peace enough to sleep Come all you people You oppressed in heart Who lost your dignity And your value in this world (So) listen you Who have ears to hear Who have feet to walk Who have eyes to see Come, be near Me Come all you small ones You shall inherit the throne No more hiding Or being looked down on Come all you liars And I will give you the truth No more death sentence For I have risen for you So listen you Who are are looked down upon Who cried out last night To survive this one Come to Me... I will carry... you


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VOTA is Bryan Olesen, John Wooten, Justin Wantz and Stefan Carlson


released January 8, 2013

Big Box Records

Produced, recorded and mixed by
Nathan Dantzler and Riley Friesen at The Hit Lab
Mastered by Nathan Dantzler
Art Direction by Artillery Media

Nathan Dantzler - programming
Riley Friesen - programming and guitar
Derek Mount - guitar
Brittain Belden - gang vocals, assistant engineer, guitar tech
Justin Wantz - additional engineering and editing
Sean Keith - additional engineering and drums @ Lazy Dog Studios
Tom Malkiewicz - digital editing


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